Dredge Works under water dredge. This is a proven well engineered design with many years of operation. This dredge was built in 1976 and  still producing at or  above current new dredges.  The only parts over the years were normal maintenance and  re powering. The only true update is the Dredge Works Production system and modifications to the cutter system. After  the removal of a Hoffer valve and the addition of our DWA-7, production was increased by 25%. This has been confirmed by production belt scales. The reason is apparent in the underwater dredge operation. To run at max production with a underwater pump creates new challenges. With max density produced consistently  at any distance there is no way to achieve this with out automation. Ask the dredgers that have used our systems. Choose your power source. We have produced electric, diesel and natural gas powered dredges. Ladder lengths from 75′ to 110.’ Dredge is complete with all automation and control systems for maximum production.

Dredge Works = Modern ,Productive, Innovative


Pricing :DWUW-12-75

Metso 12x14x40 UW pump

40′ drive shaft

140 hp cutter 36″ basket

Air clutch with belt and  right angle drive

Cat C27 and C10 power / electric power is competitive to diesel

Pullmaster winches

Rugged truss ladder with over 30 years of proven service