DWUW-12 -14 -16 / Dredge from 75′ to 120′ deep


Dredge Works underwater dredge. This is a proven well engineered design with many years of operation.   You can choose your power source. We have produced electric, diesel and natural gas-powered dredges.  We have ladder lengths from 75′ to 120′. The Dredge is complete with all automation and control systems for maximum production. We can build either truss or beam ladders.  The engine can be deck mounted with right angle drive or can be mounted directly on the ladder.

Give us a call for your next dredge. We are production driven and a top producing dredge will lower your costs and the true value for our customers.


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Pricing :DWUW-12-75

Metso 12x14x40 UW pump

100 hp cutter 44″ basket

Air clutch with V belts and right-angle drive or direct by a Twin Disc transmission

Cat C27 and C10 power / electric or diesel power

Pullmaster winches

Rugged truss ladder with over 30 years of proven service

Price On Request