DWP-12 -14 -16 Dredge from 40′ to 75′ deep

The hull dredge has been the standard since the mid-century. With today’s technology and the hull dredge’s technical limits, it’s only true application is for dredging in shallower deposits of forty feet or less.  At Dredge Works we sell only underwater dredge pump systems.  Our standard dredge model was  first built in 1985 by the founder of the company.  The design was unique then and still is today.  Highly efficient to 75′ dredging depths and many times can be purchased for less than a hull pump model. Durability and Top production at the best price is the true value we offer.  Our dredges are all highly engineered with a modern modular production format. All floatation, cabs and ladders are connected to the same base structure and expandable floatation.  At Dredge Works, our mission is to build the top producing dredge at a lower cost than our competition.


Model DWP –   12   14   16

  • More Productive, than deck or hull pump

  • At 40 ft dredging depth a 40% increase is common at 75ft up to 70% increase is possible over a jet assist

  • Modern technology no need to add water with a jet assist.

  • All in one Ladder / Improved maintenance / Enhanced overall design.

  • Many times can be built for less than a hull style dredge.


Pricing: Model 12-14-16 discharge available

DWP -12 -70 model

Metso 12x14x40 pump, 70 hp cutter, Pullmaster winches 8 ,12 and 25,000 lbs  , DWA-7 production system.

Main power Cat C18    Aux power C 9.3

Electric power 650hp pump 100hp aux

Hydraulics 3 Circuit. Cutter, Main Winch, and Side and Tail Winch

2023 Pricing 1,900,000

DWP -14-40-70 model

Metso 14x14x40 pump, 110 hp cutter, Pullmaster winches 8-12- 25   DWA-7 production system.

Power Cat C 27    Aux power Cat C 9.3      Cummins power QSK 23    L9

Electric 750 hp main 150 hp aux

Hydraulics 3 Circuit. Cutter, Main Winch, Side and Tail Winch

2023 pricing 2,250,000


Metso 14x16x40 WB  110 HP cutter  Pullmaster 8-12-25 Winches DWA-7 production system

Power Cat C32 – C9.3    or   Cummins QSK23 – L9

Electric 900 hp main   200 Aux

Hydraulics 3 Circuit

2023 pricing 2,600,000