Modern Manufacturing and Systems

At Dredge Works we focus on the core. The main module of the dredge is the key to durability.  The main stress connections on dredges are the ladder pins and the connection to the main floatation. Many times these are concentrated in the same area and can be a prone to fatigue. We ruggedly construct the hinge area and disperse the load over an expanded area.  This reduces metal fatigue for increased longevity.  Our build specs on the core module are these. Hinge 5.5″pins.  Two 2.5″  thick pin attachments with 5″ solid ladder pin connection. Extensive robotic welding and all bolt connections are made by  huck bolts.  It all starts with a good foundation. At Dredge Works our focus is for long term durability and top production. Top performance that lowers costs for higher profits.   This is the value we bring for our customers.