Rotary Bit Cutter Excavator DWRC-50-75-100-150 Item 320

Rotary Bit Cutter Excavator

Model: DWRC- 50

Model: DWRC- 75

Model: DWRC – 100

Model: DWRC- 150

  Feed the dredge pump or just stir and screen material.   Rotary excavators are engineered to feed the dredge pump. There are three important elements in a properly engineered cutter drive. First is adequate horsepower to aggressively excavate material. Second a oversize shaft and gearbox to handle the shock loads created by the cutter and provide long service life. Thirdly a basket that does not plug with clay or rock  and can efficiently screen oversize that can not pass the pump impeller. The overall design of our rotary excavators is rugged and built to last.  Our lowest horsepower model is the DWRC-50.   Our mid HP model is the DWRC-75.  For the larger dredges our model 100 and 150 hp. Over 90% of dredges have a rotary excavator. This is for good reason. If a properly designed system in a deposit of free flowing material and the proper basket design, the rotary basket wins. Only for the most difficult deposits do we recommend our chain driven excavator. In those deposits our chain driven excavator will out produce a rotary cutter.

.    Common observations for the dredge pump suction means:

  1. Most cutters are underpowered.

  2. Do you have a hi vacuum from, excessive material, excessive lift or a partially plugged basket??

  3. Producers many times size up their pumps when they only need to make the necessary changes to make their current dredge become more efficient.

DWRC- 50HP  $ 55,000 – Specs 42″ Basket  25 GPM at 4500 psi

DWRC-75 HP         $ 65,000 – Specs  42″  Basket- 40 GPM @4500 psi rated

DWRC-100 HP            POR           50GPM @ 4500psi –

DWRC-150 HP           POR           70 GPM @ 4500psi

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