Rotary Bit Cutter Excavator DWCD-70-110 Item 320

Rotary Bit Cutter Excavator

Model:  DWCD-70

Model: DWCD-110

  Feed the dredge pump or just stir and screen material.  Our rotary excavators are  engineered to feed the dredge pump.  Our cutters are a modular build where parts are interchangeable between the two models. This saves our customers if they want to upsize their unit in the future at a minimal cost.  The overall design of our rotary excavators is a rugged and built to last. Our 70HP rotary cutter will work for most dredges with average deposits. Used for suction pipe size of 12-16″.  Our 110-horsepower model is the DW-RC-110.  At 54 GPM and 4000 PSI this unit will handle more challenging deposits.  For the most difficult deposits our chain driven excavator is recommended.  Our rotary cutter units use an oversized 6.25″ shaft with marine bearings for long service life.

.    Common observations for the dredge pump suction means:

  1. Most cutters are underpowered.

  2. Do you have a hi vacuum from excessive material, excessive lift or a partially plugged basket??

  3. Producers many times size up their pumps when they only need to make the necessary changes to make their current dredge become more efficient.

DW-RC- 70HP   $ 65,000 – Hydraulic requirements 35 GPM at 4000 psi – 500,000 in lb rated gear reduction

DW-RC- 110HP  $ 85,000 – Hydraulic requirement’s 53 GPM at 4000 psi- 800,000 in lb rated gear reduction

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