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Rotary Bit Cutter Excavator DWCD-55 Item 320


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This is our standard unit. Rugged built to last. This rotary cutter will work for most dredges. Used in average deposits where hi hp or a chain is not needed. Our DW-RC-50 is our lowest hp model at 50 hydraulic hp. This works well for finer sandy deposits. The next size is our DW-RC-70. With a 70 hp rating. This works for average deposits and dredges up to 14″ suction .  Hydraulic specs are 43 gpm at 4000 psi. Our mid hp model is the DW-RC-90. At 54gpm and 4000 psi this unit will handle most larger dredges and average deposits. The top hp model is the DW-RC-170 This is for large dredges with 44″ cutters baskets. Ideal for dredges with 18″ or 24″ suction pipe. And for the most difficult deposits our chain driven excavator can be used.  Our cutter package is complete and  includes hyd pump on the 75 to 170 hp models. Unit uses over sized shaft with marine bearings for long service life. This system has our hybrid basket. After years of research and development our cutter basket solves many of the common problems encountered with the rotary bit basket cutter. These are plugging or partially plugging with clay or rock and nesting in oversize rock. With over 40 years of experience in dredging and dealing with the many types of deposits, our experience and knowledge is a great resource over manufacturers that just build a dredge.

.    Our most common observations in dredging are these.

1- Most cutters are underpowered.

2- Hi vacuum is many times a partially plugged cutter basket.

3- Hoffer valves are over used. They only work well in cave ins and to control a plugging a pipe line  due to max density that can be pumped. They can limit production  by adding water if not used properly.

4- It all starts at the suction feed. First priority is to quickly feed the dredge pump to its potential.

5- Producers many times size up their pumps when they only need to make the necessary changes to    make their current dredge more efficient.





DW-RC- 50HP     POR                     55,000 –  Hyd requirements 40 gpm at 3000 psi  – hyd pump not included

DW-RC-70HP      POR                     70,000 –  Hyd requirement’s  35gpm at 4000 psi – Hyd pump included

DW-RC- 90HP     POR                     85,000 – Hyd requirement’s  43 gpm at 4000 psi  – Hyd pump included

DW-RC- 170HP   POR                     145,000 – Hyd requirement’s 86 gpm at 400 psi – Hyd pump included


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