Dredge Velocity Control System DWV-5 Item 114


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This is the main part of our production system. Adding water to maintain velocity ” flow” -decreases production.  In dredging, when the density changes the pump rpm also needs to change. If rpm is not adjusted you will need to add water by a valve or raise ladder to maintain and lowers production. The most efficient form for dredging is with pump rpm control.  This system also improves  plant screening  due to dredge feed being more uniform. The situation of cleaning out the pipe line and reloading pump slurry is eliminated. Our velocity control system without our bypass valve. Better value and more productive than a valve only system.  Our system will let the operator know the true readings of the gauges. This is due to the unmodified flow without a valve.  If you have a valve, you can add this to your current system.  Our display panel can be used as a main panel display since the Discharge psi , Vacuum, Velocity  are all displayed on panel.  All our systems include a manual override option so that our systems will never let you down. Any problem and you can switch to a manual speed pot right on the panel. if you have a doppler flow sensor we can use yours, although a mag meter provides better accuracy.


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