Model –  DWUWD -14 -16


Dredge works underwater pump, deep dredge is a superior design to competitive models. Due to the underwater pump, dredging in deep deposits became possible. Before the underwater pump, deep deposits were mined mechanically by clamshell, drag line,  bucket ladder, air lift,  or Saureman drag bucket. Today dredging is preferred in deep deposits. Our dredge model for deep dredging is not a original concept and has been used in the past by various manufactures. We studied all concepts for deep dredging and feel this is a much superior design to the massive single ladder dredge. On our standard model is a 75 ft main ladder section and a second 75 ft section ladder. This portion can articulate separately to the main ladder. There are many advantages to this style. Ability to dredge at shallower depths. Less chance of a caved in ladder or interference from underwater structure.. More portable. A less overall massive build and structure. A more affordable build  for our customers. A 100 % increase over a hull pump is easily archived in this model due to limited lift of the hull pump.

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