A cutting wheel excavation system  is  for  more difficult deposits.  Although a more expensive build than a rotary cutter, this system can many times pay for itself over time. This is due to elimination of ladder interference “hang up ” , nesting in oversize rock and more aggressive excavation. Our design is another advance to a system that had little or no improvements since its inception. If you have floundered trees or excessive over size many times a cutter wheel is the only option. Our system differs from most due to chain driven cutting bit. This allows higher production with enhanced excavation.  There are several advantages with our system. First ladder hang up is eliminated, and secondly a moving continual screen provides much less chance for plugging with rock or clay. The biggest drawback of current chain systems is the limited excavation due to a small excavation profile.  Usually only 5 ft of chain is actually exposed to the bell mouth suction. Our system has easily 200% more open area of feed. This is where it all starts and being able to bring excessive material to the pump is the first key to maximum production.  The system is 110 hp with 30 ft ladder section. Size 12–18 suction. Patent Pending