Chain Driven Excavator Item 318

Chain Driven Excavator Wheel

   Dredging has had less innovation than most industries.  We at Dredge Works  rethink many systems that dates back to the 50’s. Chain ladders from the past have solved the problem of nesting in rock and the ability to move large rock from the suction area and secondly dealing with floundered trees and clay.  Chain ladders are necessary in certain deposits but also lead to lower overall production potential in these deposits due to it’s limited excavation.  Currently there has been little attempt to solve this.  Our system is totally unique and achieves all the advantages of a chain ladder, and also solves the limited production of the chain ladder. Our system has higher excavation due to it’s unique rotating wheel. The rotating wheel increases the open area for material to enter suction. The benefits of the wheel is increased excavation. This is the key to its increased production. This = PROFIT. Our system is more productive than a rotary cutter system in deposits to difficult for the rotary bit cutter to work properly. For this reason we reimagined the chain ladder design. We addressed the weakness of current chain ladder design.  Now with our new chain driven excavator wheel all of the advantages of the chain ladder are achieved and the deficiencies of the past chain ladder systems are eliminated.

There are several advantages with our system:

  1. Ladder hang up is eliminated

  2. A moving continual screen provides much less chance for plugging with rock or clay.

  3. The biggest drawback of current chain systems is the limited excavation due to a small excavation profile. “No cutter wheel” Usually only a few feet of chain sliding in front of the suction mouth. This is just a moving screen with little or no excavation potential.  Our system aggressively agitates and excavates material. The rotating excavation wheel has easily 250% more feed potential over a few feet of chain sliding in front of the suction mouth.. This is where it all starts and being able to bring excessive material to the pump is the first key to maximum production and profit for our customers.

  4.  We manufacture two chain ladder systems for dredges.  A model for 12-16 suctions. This model has a 5 ‘ excavation wheel  and is rated at 80 hp. The larger model is system is 100 hp with 6 ‘ wheel. The pictured cutter is the 12-16 model.    System has current PATENT PENDING

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