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Automation DWA-7 Production System – Item 111


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  •    Model DWA-7    Dredge Works Production system

 Dredge Works started as a production dredging company. In 1976 it’s founder worked with EIW and Thomas pump company to produce one of the first manufactured underwater dredges. This dredge had an extensive article in Pit and Quarry magazine. To its tribute this dredge is still producing today at its top potential with Dredge Works Automation and various upgrades. The main production component is the DWA-7 production system. In 1987 the concept of velocity control on a dredge was born.  In partnership with Toshiba engineers, the system used  pid control for pump rpm. This was the start to our current production system. Our current gen 7 system is the solution to maximum production.  Constant target velocity at max achievable density is the key to top production. A bypass valve is necessary with hi density. This is due to getting to the true limit of maximum consistent density.  Our system includes bypass valve, main panel, engine monitoring , sensors and density monitor and valve hyd system. Our density sensor is standard, although a Ronan density meter is advised for underwater dredges.

You have a valve, no problem and this could save you money. We can many times use your valve and just add our velocity control. Give us a call!!

System options

1 – Engine monitoring with shutdown protection

2- Engine pre post lube system

3- Remote monitor

4- Current belt tonnage monitoring

5- Engine start and start from cab.

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