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Model DWA-7    Dredge Works Production System

In 1985 the concept of velocity control on a dredge was born.  In partnership with Toshiba engineers, this system used their VFD drive and customized with a control for pump rpm. This proved our concept and was the start to our current production system. Our current generation 7 system is the solution to maximum production.  Constant target velocity at maximum achievable density is the key to top production. This is even more necessary in underwater pump dredges. You are now able to reach higher density that can be hydraulically transported by the dredge pump. Now the true limit of a dredge’s potential can be reached. This can only be achieved with automation. The adjustments made when at high density by our automation system is far more than any dredger could accomplish.  Our system is an all-in-one panel. The computer processing unit and dash panel are all in one with no extra boxes.  System includes bypass dilution valve, main panel, engine monitoring, sensors, density monitor, hyd psi, cutter pressure and cable tension monitoring.  Our density sensor is standard, although a Ronan density meter is much quicker in response time and advised for underwater dredges.

You have a valve, no problem and this could save you money. Although we may need to add the density feature to your valve if you have an underwater pump. Give us a call!

System options

1 – Engine monitoring with shutdown protection

2- Engine pre and post lube system

3- Remote monitoring

4- Current belt tonnage monitoring

5- Engine start and start from cab

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