The original Hoffer valve invention was the start of the widely used principle of dredge “cruise control”.

Originally intended to manage flow disruptions  and pump cavitation. The by pass valve has now become a common tool for dredging.  The valve controls Hi Vacuum ,  Hi Psi and Lo Velocity. A valve is better than none, and in many cases, can increase production due to controlling the maximum parameters that can be ran.  This being said you are diluting the slurry by adding water , a bypass valve should not be overused. We have found that trying to pump with the valve in continual partial or full open decreases production.  Many manufactures lead you to believe this can be done. You will not increase production by continual dilution of slurry. Our regulator is a modern, modulating valve system. System includes the hyd system, regulator valve, control cpu and all sensors needed.