Flow Regulator Valve DWRV Item 112


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The original Hoffer valve invention was to control cavitation or a plugging slurry line. With todays technology its use has changed. Many times it is marketed as a production tool and this is misleading.  A bypass valve maintains production by the addition of water. It is a dilution device. In a properly engineered production system, such as ours, the regulator valve is used as a secondary system to maintain top production. A valve “production” system adds water and you CAN NOT reach your top production potential with a dilution device. The reality is you are adding water to maintain flow. This is a regulator valve and this is why we call our valve “a regulator valve”. At Dredge Works we feel the original use is still the best application.

   Today the bypass valve has become a common tool for dredging.  The valve controls high Vacuum, high PSI, low Velocity and Density limit.  A valve is better than none, and in many cases, can increase production due to maintaining flow by water dilution. You may increase your production by maintaining constant flow, but you will never reach your maximum production potential.  This is due to diluting the slurry to maintain flow. A bypass valve should not be overused.  Trying to pump with the valve in a partial open decreases production. If the valve is open for a prolonged time , water will take the path of least resistance and production will be reduced. Also your basket may begin to plug due to this situation.  Our system has a closing bias programming and when the valve is open too long a warning instructs dredge operator to raise the ladder so that the valve closes and  slurry density increases.  We have over 40 years of dredging experience and 20 yrs of designing and building dredging systems.  Our regulator is a modern, modulating valve system, which includes the hydraulic system, regulator valve, control CPU and all sensors needed. All of our automation systems have a manual operation option. This assures you will never have to shut down due a sensor or cpu failure.